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Chef Aaron Burgau makes the James Beard Semifinals

  • 2011 James Beard Semifinalist, Best Chef: South
  • 2010 James Beard Semifinalist, Best Chef: South
  • 2009 James Beard Semifinalist, Best Chef: South
  • Aaron Burgau, Patois, New Orleans

Food & Wine Magazine, The People's Choice, Best New Chef 2011

Chef Aaron is in the running for Best Chef: Gulf Coast Region

City Business, January 2011

Top 12 Emerge From Crowded French Bistro Pack

"Chef Aaron Burgau has built out his menu with the close-to-the-ground French country flavors in mind."

www.sucktheheads.com, Kim Ranjbar, September 2010

"All I can say is that I never would have guessed how wonderful food could really be before I’d tasted the work of culinary geniuses and Mr. Burgau is definitely, in my oh so humble opinion, in that number."

GQ Magazine

City Guide, New Orleans

“This recently arrived Uptown bistro almost instantly became a busy, comfortable neighborhood hangout. It’s also though, a destination for serious, well-thought-out food that’s destinctively French but wholly Southern.”

Gourmet Magazine, October 2009

Having a Grand Time, New Orleans

“At Patois, chef Aaron Burgau presides over a constantly changing roster of dishes, and we’ll look out for those that reimagine bistro cooking with a southern accent”

NoMenu.com, Tom Fitzmorris awards Patois “four stars,” November 2010

“...The French-inspired food of Chef Aaron Burgau is brilliantly flavorful, and different enough from other restaurants in the category to stand out. The premises have just the right tough of neighborhood-cafe raffishness to make locals comfortable.”

USA Today, 2009

Best restaurant bargains in New Orleans

“New Orleanian chef/owner Aaron Burgau deftly accentuates the French-Mediterranean roots of modern Louisiana cuisine.”

neworleans.com, 2009

Restaurant Patois is a neighborhood bistro with city-wide appeal

“Once I noticed that chef-owner Aaron Burgau was throwing around terms like “manchego spoonbread” and “lavender Creole cream cheese,” I knew that the little neighborhood bistro on the corner of Laurel and Webster would be my place.”

City business, November 2008

Patois Sets The Table For Casual Fine Gourmet Dining

Chef Aaron Burgau’s palate “...blends classic local flavors with classic French ones. That merger is where grand New Orleans restaurant cooking came from more than a century ago.”


Patois Takes Its Place Among The Best New Resaurants in New Orleans

"The New Orleans-born chef Aaron Burgau draws liberally from Mediterranean cooking traditions without losing ssite of his local heritage, a gambit that results in stylish, soulful cooking that's subtle without being austere"

Gayot.com, The Guide to the Good Life

Restaurant Patois

"...this intimate restaurant pulses with energy as the friendly-waiters deliver chef Aaron Burgau's rustic cusine..."

Men's Journal, November 2008

Cajun Comeback: Dining in New Orleans

"Night after Night, uptown locals pack in to Patois to gorge on chef Aaron Burgeau’s French-accented Louisiana contemporary cuisine...so overpoweringly tasty new cuss words need be invented to properly express the thrill."

Gambit, 2008

Best of New Orleans 2008

"Filled with the rich history of its renovated space...Patois...has become a hit with New Orleanians. That’s mainly due to chef Aaron Burgau’s contemporary Louisiana approach that pulls from French, Italian and Spanish influences."